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7th November 2014


The Bihar government took a big step in the fight against cancer on National Cancer Awareness Day on Friday by announcing an across-the-board ban on smokeless tobacco products, thus becoming the tenth state to do so. 
Speaking at an event organized by the Cancer Awareness Society, chief minister Jitan Ram Manjhi also announced that the tax on cigarettes, bidis and other non-banned products would go up from 30% to 60%. 




7th November 2012


Under the auspices of Cancer Awareness Society, on 7th November 2012 marked as “NO TOBACCO PLEDGE DAY”, Dy C.M. Shri Sushil Kumar Modi administered the oath of not using tobacco or related products to more than 4000 children from many different schools in a function in Gandhi maidan, Patna, It was a well attended programme which was also addressed by Shri Amarjeet Sinha, Principal Secretary Education Deptt Govt Of Bihar, CAS National President Shri T.P. Sinha and CAS National Vice President Shr Dr A.A. Hai.



7th November 2010, Cancer Awareness Day celebrated by CAS

Cancer Awareness Society organised cancer awareness road show programme against tobacco and its hazardous effects, on the occasion of Cancer Awareness Day i.e., 7th November, 2010, in whole Patna town. Sri S.N. Hussain, Hon’ble Judge, Patna High Court, flagged off this road show programme at Ambedakar Golambar near Patna High Court, Patna and this rally passed through different routes of Patna including Patliputa  Colony, Kargil Chowk, Rajendra Nagar, Kankerbagh, Patna Junction , Bailey Road etc. raising anti tobacco slogans and appealing people to quit tobacco.

Dr. Dilip Kumar, National Secretary, Cancer awareness Society, gave a slogan “ Shun Tobacco, Avoid Cancer”

In this programme Dr. A.A. Hai, Dr. Dilip Kumar, Shri N.C. Mathur, Dr. (Smt.) Punam Dixit, Major M.S. Sarla, Shri Alok Kr. Takyar, Shri O.P. Manraw, Dr. Rajeev Ranjan Prasad, Dr. Vaquar Ahmad, Dr. Rajesh Goswami, Dr. R.N. Tagore, Dr. Arun Kumar, Shri Rajendra Agrawal, Shri Gurudayal Singh, Major Subhash Chandra, Shri Munshi Prasad, Shri Dinesh Gandhi, and their family members participated.                                                                                                    

Dr. Dilip Kumar)

National Secretary,

Cancer Awaremess Society          






7th November 2008, Cancer Awareness Day celebrated by CAS


7th November is observed as Cancer Awareness Day. Cancer Awareness Society celebrated it by organising a human chain of school students around local Gandhi Maidan near kargil chowk to spread anti tobacco messages in the society and make the common people aware about ill effects of tobacco & its products. Tobacco is responsible for about 50% of cancer in India.
In this human rally, about 1500 students from different schools of Patna participated. This human chain rally started from kargil chowk, passed through along the road side and ended at centre of the Gandhi Maidan. Students illustrated ill-effects of tobacco through displaying anti tobacco message and slogans on the placards and banners and informed the masses that tobacco is responsible for about 50% cancer cases in India. They raised anti tobacco and cancer prevention slogans also. At the end of the programme members of CAS sent up gas filled up balloons containing anti-tobacco messages.


On this day CAS also organised anti tobacco and cancer awareness programmes in the building of the Accountant General, Bihar, Bir Chand Patel Marg, Patna to spread anti tobacco and cancer awareness message among the officers and the employees of the office and make them aware about the ill effects of tobacco and it's products.